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clothpad_makers's Journal

Discussions in the Cloth Pad Cottage Industry
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Forum for Cloth Pad Makers
Membership is only open to people who currently make and sell cloth pads. When you request to join, please send a message to majortom_thecat, purple_obsidian, poppleshatesyou or dalyax with your name, your business name and a link to your website or shop (unless all of that info can be found in your profile).

♥ This is a place to discuss things like techniques, materials, equipment, pricing, advertising, selling venues, customer service, web design, photography.... everything that goes in to making and selling cloth pads. The goal is to support each other and raise industry standards in order to make this a better source of income for more people and in order to bring more people into the world of cloth pads.

♥ Feel free to bounce ideas around, post requests for advice, links to relevant articles and sites, polls, descriptions of your favorite techniques, pictures of your sewing space, and anything else that might be of interest to your fellow cloth pad makers.

♥ Please keep it positive in here and keep rants to a minimum. The goal is to brainstorm ways to improve things that could be going better instead of simply complaining about them.

♥ Make sure people are open to advice before you give it to them. If anyone asks for constructive criticism, please give it clearly and tactfully. Please be as specific as you can when offering advice to another member and consider the sandwich approach - say something you like about what they're doing, suggest a change, then finish with something else you like. For example, instead of saying "I don't like the background you use in your pictures" say "your pads would look great on a textured background."

♥ When your membership is approved, please copy, paste and answer these questions in an original post:

What's the name of your shop?
Where do you sell? (include links)
How long have you been making cloth pads?
What got you started?
What are your main reasons for making pads now?
What are your goals as a pad maker?
What do you do with the rest of your time?
In one sentence, what's one piece of advice you'd like to offer to new pad makers?